Bindi – Red Female Cattle Dog X, 18 months, NSW

Bindi – Red Female Cattle Dog X, 18 months, NSW

Bindi – Red Female Cattle X, 18 months, NSW

Bindi is affectionate, playful, and adventurous. She is desexed with all shots up to date and is a small/medium dog, much smaller than our other cattle dog.

Bindi has been part of our family since she was 8 weeks old. She is well trained, walks well on the lead, loves to learn new things and wants to be involved in everything you do. She is an outside dog and loves to go bush with us. She will walk all day and loves swimming!

Unfortunately, since a pup Bindi has shown aggression towards other dogs. As she has gotten older it has become more of an issue and while we have tried many strategies to deal with this it has now reached the point that our older more submissive cattle dog has been attacked a number of times. This happens mostly when Bindi is heightened by another stimulus (like the dog next door) and it turns into a fight when our other dog defends himself. This has resulted in vet visits and has led us to come to the very difficult decision and understanding that we are not what Bindi needs. Bindi is a very sweet dog on her own and gives a lot of love.

Bindi would thrive with one owner who was able to have her enjoy their company most of the time. She is in her element out of town and would love to be on a property. She is very friendly to people and children. Though she gets excited, she does not show anything but enjoyment being around humans.

Bindi will stay with us until we are able to find the right owner who is compatible with her needs.

Adoption Fee – to be negotiated directly with owner.

Bindi is desexed and microchipped.

Please contact Marinos (0420 546 866) or email

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