**STILL WAITING MARCH 2023** Delilah – ACD Mix – 6 years old – Female – Brisbane Area

**STILL WAITING MARCH 2023** Delilah – ACD Mix – 6 years old – Female – Brisbane Area


Blue Heeler/ Border Collie and Kelpie cross – 6 & ½ years old

Delilah is a 6 and a half-year-old female Cattle dog/ Border Collie / Kelpie cross and she is microchipped, desexed, and fully vaccinated. We have had Delilah since she was a puppy, and she was purchased as a rescue dog from Australian Working Dog Rescue via a farm in Kingaroy. She has been fully trained as a puppy and loves other dogs and humans. She loves kids and plays happily with a ball or rope toy with them.  Due to a medical problem I have, I cannot attend to Delilah or walk her. I have been in and out of hospital so the attention she requires is just not there.

It is not a life for Delilah living in Brisbane on a small block. She needs the space and quietness (I believe) of a property that doesn’t have too much noise. As we got Delilah as a rescue dog there are a few things to keep in mind. She has a bit of anxiety and a noise phobia of something that has triggered her when she was younger. She is so well-behaved, super smart, house trained and so very loving and loyal. She loves nothing more than chasing the ball and bringing it back and chewing on a bone in the sun. I also want to point out she is the best guard dog. Delilah is an absolute sweetheart and it is with a heavy heart that she has to leave our family.  I am very sad to have to part with her but I honestly want her to have a better life and if that means she is comfortable on a property with land to run free then that will make me extremely happy.

We are located 5km from Brisbane CBD. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Jacqui 0421 523 032


The purchase price for Delilah is $300