**ADOPTED** “Jynx” – Gorgeous Cattle Dog x – Female, deaf.  DAS Canberra

**ADOPTED** “Jynx” – Gorgeous Cattle Dog x – Female, deaf. DAS Canberra

Poor Jynx is a long termer and the pound is overflowing with dogs.  This girl deserves a family of her own.

DAS Yard 30 Jynx Cattle Dog X female Unknown age (deaf), she has been waiting 6 months in the pound for someone to adopt her and love on her.
Jynx is a gorgeous lady! Her body makes her seem a lot older than her four years and she may need some attention for her back end, and especially some weight loss, but she loves to play and run around with people. She reacts by barking when initially seeing other dogs just as a thing she does through habit, but once she meets she can be quite playful. She’d be good with slow intros just to buy her time and ensure that the other dog doesn’t take offence to her barking. Jynx is deaf and enjoys barking, but we feel with consistent training she might give it up. She’d love a home that will give her the health boost she needs, and she will give back a super loyal and loving companion.



DAS: 62072424


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