Ned, Blue Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog X, 9 months old, Ocean Grove VIC

Ned, Blue Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog X, 9 months old, Ocean Grove VIC

Our Neddy

Ned is a beautiful 9 month old stumpy-tailed blue heeler cross looking for a forever home. Ned had a bit of a rough start with another family before coming into our arms at roughly 4 months of age. While he is extremely affectionate with us and our other cattle dog (he also loves our cat), however he can be really hostile to other dogs and people.

The Bad: Despite our best efforts at training (and he has improved!) he barks, lunges and attempts to go other dogs when they are too close or when he hears them barking. He will bark in proximity to another dog, however when there is enough distance he can be calmed and controlled, the problem increases as he gets closer. He will also attempt to nip people if they approach us or him. He goes from 0-10 almost immediately which makes it hard to intervene at the early level and keep him calm. Unfortunately, we had an experience recently where a friend approached us in a park and he tried to nip her, then turned and nipped my partner while he was in his aggravated state. After this we realised it’s really going to be unfair on Ned himself to keep him in an urban environment where he is constantly around strangers and other dogs. We really hoped to be able to train him out of his behaviours, but we are looking to start a family and we just can’t be sure a child will be safe with Ned. For now we are also training him to wear a muzzle.


The Good: Ned is very clever and very strong. He loves jumping on and over things (so you might want high fences!) and is typically fast as most heelers are. He loves to roll around on his back for belly rubs, cuddle on the couch and wrestle with our other heeler. He has been raised with us living inside/outside and is independent but loving, and sleeps on his own bed in our room or on the couch. He is very loyal and loving to his family.


Ned’s (human) dad grew up on a farm in NSW with cattle dogs and can picture Ned doing really well as a loyal guard dog on a property, unfortunately he just isn’t one of the heelers who can be socialised well into living in a more urban environment. We can really see him doing well at a home with adults and (provided they were slowly introduced) possibly even other dogs. He has met a few dogs that he has slowly managed to get along with, but his initial hostility makes this more a rarity rather than the regular. The other dogs have to be well adjusted and patient too. If he managed to be trained to a high level of discipline and overcoming his issues with people and dogs, I can imagine he would be very good at dexterity games.


Ned has been desexed and his vaccinations are up to date. He gets high quality food, bones etc and is very well looked after. We have just started training him to walk with a muzzle.

It breaks our heart that we have to find Ned a new home, because he is a beautiful dog and has a lot of love for those he is close to. But we recognise that he will be best off in a home where he can be more comfortable and live without endangering anyone. We have no doubt he could make a best friend for someone in the right circumstances.

If you are interested in Ned, please contact:

Tom & Jacqui on 0423 914507