“Patchy” 10 month old Blue Male Cattle Dog – Location TBA

“Patchy” 10 month old Blue Male Cattle Dog – Location TBA

Patchy 10months old Blue heeler

He loves walks and cuddles and loves being a lap dog. He is very active and a big bundle of joy and fun. He has not worked on farms but I do believe with the training he will be great as he is a very quick learner and has all the traits needed.

He has grown up with teenagers so not sure about young children. He loves playing with other dogs. He is desexed and fully vaccinated up to date and microchipped. He is crate trained.

We are needing to rehome him as he keeps jumping our fence even though we have extended it but we can not do much more as we only rent and it is not fair to keep him locked up in his crate whilst we are working as we all work different hours as I am a shift worker.
My details are:
Rebecca Hill

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