***URGENT*** “Fafnir” – Young, Active, Red ACD x Kelpie – Beaudesert, QLD 4285

***URGENT*** “Fafnir” – Young, Active, Red ACD x Kelpie – Beaudesert, QLD 4285

Fafnir was born 13-1-22. He is de-sexed, has had all the vaccinations and is microchipped.  Fafnir needs foster care or adoption urgently,

Fafnir is an incredibly intelligent and energetic dog, both of his parents are from working lines.  He needs someone committed to providing training, exercise and boundaries to assist him to to develop into the awesome companion he is destined to be. Fafnir is a real people person, he LOVES attention and praise.  He would respond best to rewards based training methods.  He currently wears a harness when out walking.

Fafnir’s owners love him, but are incredibly busy and so they have decided that the best thing for him is to find a new home where he would get a higher level of mental and physical stimulation.  At the moment he is frustrated and making up his own games of herding and nipping the other family dog and the kids, which while not uncommon for a working breed, is not ideal.

In short, Fafnir needs a best Mate and a job!  That job could be in dog sports, accompanying a fit owner during outdoor activities, on a property if someone was prepared to show him how to appropriately work stock etc.  Fafnir would be best in a home with adults and older kids (teenagers +).  He would probably be too much for an older person.

Fafnir currently lives with another dog, but would be best in a home with no other pets as he has a very high herding and prey drive.

To learn more about whether you might be Fafnir’s perfect match, please contact Adam: craikadam@gmail.com or 0467 204 364


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