SOX, Male ACD x, Approx , 6 years –  ADOPTED

SOX, Male ACD x, Approx , 6 years – ADOPTED


Sox is very people focused and affectionate.  He is quite submissive with people and will roll onto his back for a belly rub. Sox will happily sit with his chosen human for hours.  Sox is obedient and recalls easily. He is very good on a lead. Sox can be quite shy, but he gets on well with most dogs.  Although good fencing is required, Sox is not not an escape artist and is not interested in chasing anything in the paddocks, he rarely wanders far from his carers side. His carer never needs to use the lead on him to bring him up to the house paddock, he just follows along and immediately returns to his yard when gate is opened for him.  Sox would be well suited to a family environment where he would get regular walks and be part of the family.  He would also be a good companion dog for older single person or couple, as he is easily managed.  Although ACDR were told Sox came from a family environment, we haven’t tested him extensively with young children, however, we are able to do further testing.  He is untested with cats, but has never show aggression to strangers or acted in a territorial manner.  Sox is willing and able to undergo further training as he picks up commands easily and response well to food rewards.  A  real sweetheart, Sox is the compact package.

  • : Australian Cattle Dog Cross
  • : 4-6 Years
  • : Male
  • : Yes
  • : Yes
  • : Yes
  • : No
  • : $350.00
  • : near Queanbeyan NSW
  • : John Farkas 0407266487