• ACDR would like to give a shout out to Rescue Resource NSW for their very generous support with dog food, treats and a warm coat for Doc which was even delivered personally.  Thanks Team!!
  • ACDR would like to thank ARC Animal Rescue Cooperative for their amazing ongoing support with food and other useful items for ACDR’s foster dogs.  Love your work ARC.
  • ACDR would like to acknowledge the generous donation from Jodie Maker in honour of her dear friend and fellow ACD lover Joanne Campbell who sadly passed away recently.  Rest in peace Jo, we are sure that Tira and Morgan will be waiting for you. xx
  • ACDR would like to acknowledge the Australian Cattle Dog Society of NSW Inc for their annual donation of $200
  • Grateful thanks to Macca (previously known as Tracker), Jen, Di and Jacquie (his adopted family).


  • ACDR would like say to a huge THANK YOU to Terry Snow and his ACD ‘Chilli’ for their kind sponsorship which has given many needy dogs a second chance.
  • Kylie MacDonald and Pat Grogan for sponsoring Lucy.
  • Macca (previously known as Tracker), Jen, Di and Jacquie (his adopted family) for sponsoring Bobby.
  • Helen Faber and Oby from Victoria for sponsoring Millie.

Veterinary Services

  • The amazing Team at West Queanbeyan Veterinary Hospital who have cared for ACDR dogs over many years.
  • Dr John and Nurse Gill Montgomery staff of Sonza Boarding Kennels & Vet Surgery for the fantastic care & service provided.
  • The Vets and Staff at All Creatures Veterinary Centre in Calwell who have worked miracles with the likes of Cobber (with his dislocated elbow) and Ned (with his undershot jaw).


Chris & Lynne Harwood for giving Lucy a wonderful home and donating a 20kg bag of Bonnie & pkt Smacko treats.

A special thank you from ACDR and Bandicoot to his kind sponsors

Last year Australian Cattle Dog Rescue took a very ill and disadvantaged little pup we have come to know as Bandicoot. He presented with an unusual medical problem needing specialised medical help.
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the kind and compassionate people whose sponsorship of Bandicoot allowed us to get him the medical attention he needed. As a result of their generosity he will be able to live a normal life. In particular we would like to thank Mr Anton Maich who has so generously donated toys, leads and collars to fundraise for Bandicoot. Anton’s continuing generosity is now helping other dogs in need.

We would also like to thank Mr Glen Bevan, a long time supporter of dogs in need, once aware of Bandicoots sad story Glenn did not hesitate to donate food so money could be raised to help Bandicoot. Ms Sue Ellis also came to Bandicoots assistance generously donated food which was sold to raise money to cover his medical expenses

A special thankyou must also go to Alexis and Drew from Belconnen Discount Pets whose tireless support brought these special people together to help this special little dog in his time of need.