How to Help


We are always looking for caring people to look after rescued dogs in the short term. Pounds and shelters can only hold them for a very short while before they must be put down if no home is found. Do you have room to look after a rescued dog until a permanent home can be found for him or her?


Information about donating here…


Sometimes a home may be found far from where the dog is being fostered. Help with transporting rescued dogs from their foster home to their new permanent home is always appreciated.

Spread the word

Help find a loving home for these dogs by telling people about them, maybe you know someone who is looking for a dog, maybe you know someone who’s old dog has passed away. Tell your friends, put up notices about them at your obedience or training club, post details and this url to dog-related email lists you belong to.


If you can think of something else you can do to help – let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Support Our Supporters

By supporting those who support us, you are helping us too. Find our list of supporters here.