BANJO – Male Blue ACD mix – Approx 10 yo, lovely companion – NSW/ACT – ADOPTED

BANJO – Male Blue ACD mix – Approx 10 yo, lovely companion – NSW/ACT – ADOPTED

Banjo was born around 7th February 2008. He was ad opted by our son in June 2009 after his rescue from death row at Wagga Pound. He is a much-loved member of the family however his adoptive dad has moved to the USA following his marriage in June last year. He has been living with us since then. Sadly because our lifestyle has changed and we are travelling a lot and moving between Canberra and our home at the coast due to family health issues, it is no longer practical for Banjo to continue to live with us. We want Banjo to find a super loving forever home for his remaining years. He is fully up to date with all his immunisations and is on tick and flea 3 monthly treatments. He is not on heart worm treatment. He is a soft dog who mixes well but is always submissive to other dogs. He will escape if given the chance but has always returned looking sheepish and a bit embarrassed by his misdemeanour!! He barks to alert us of passers-by and our new neighbour at the coast is complaining a lot to us about this (amongst many other things!). When we speak to Banjo or clap our hands he stops, but of course if we are away from the house we are not sure how long he barks for. He is crate trained and sleeps in his crate indoors at night but during the day he is outside. When he comes inside for the evening before he goes to his crate he lies on his mat on command. We did obedience training and he has some simple tricks in his repertoire although rolling over is a bit more of a strain now he is getting a little older!! He bows, backs up, talks, sits, goes down (not so good on stay at the moment!) He likes walks is obsessed by chasing balls and his squeaky bone (he needs an adult to tell him when to stop as he would continue till he dropped!!) He eats grain free food as he tends to develop “collie nose” when fed food with grain in it. As he is now 10 years old his eyes are developing some clouding and his teeth are starting to show some deterioration but otherwise he does not show any evidence of arthritis and looks pretty good for his age. Of course he is desexed and microchipped, he is registered in both ACT and NSW. Would you please consider Banjo for your new companion?

For more information, please contact Carol:

Carol Haslam

46 Seaspray Street

Narrawallee  NSW 2539

Mob: 0404142554