***ADOPTED***”Burton” aka Burton the Stump, Handsome, young Blue Male ASTCD – Berry NSW

***ADOPTED***”Burton” aka Burton the Stump, Handsome, young Blue Male ASTCD – Berry NSW


Burton is an 18-month-old blue stumpy tail and has all the makings of a true cattle dog! He is a very intelligent, energetic and loyal young man.

Burton loves walking, running, the beach, the river, swimming, stick retrieval, balls, ropes, chasing birds (doesn’t kill) and making games out of brooms, vacuums and all your garden accessories while you work.

In true cattle dog fashion, he also loves to have a job, he is exceptional at learning new skills and trains very well. He has a strong focus, is fast and is very food driven, his favourite training treats are the 3 C’s- chicken, cheese and carrot! Burton has undertaken substantial training including short and long lead walking, crate training and group/ high distraction training with similar dog types. He knows the commands; sit, down, stay, leave it/ get it, crawl and heel. Burton has the ability to be recalled, however, he is still learning and when the greatest potential play dog is on the other side of the beach, his name does fall on deaf ears. Burton can become a little destructive if he has not had his physical and mental needs met throughout the day.

Burton loves all dogs and always wants to engage in play on meeting. He is friendly with children and can sometimes be boisterous during play when he is over excited. He currently lives with our 3-month-old baby and is very well behaved and non- reactive towards him even enjoying a sneaky doggy kiss every now and then. Burton has a very loyal nature and is protective towards his family. In the past he has been watched by house sitters and will accept strangers in the home- owner approved, of course.

Burton is primarily an outside dog but sleeps in his crate inside the house at night (where we have discovered he is a snorer!) and enjoys spending a couple of hours in the house with family in the afternoon and evenings. He is not toilet trained but with regular outside breaks we have managed to avoid accidents. Burton is used to spending up to 6 hours at home alone in the daytime and doesn’t usually bark. He does however bark (and talk) for attention usually around dusk and evening and typically after activities once home, just to let everyone know he is home.

Although Burton hasn’t worked with cattle or other livestock, he definitely has the traits, intelligence and drive to be trained and this also goes with agility training and alike.

Burton is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Regrettably, we need to rehome Burton as we are moving overseas for work. We really want Burton to find his forever home where he will get all the love and attention he deserves. Burton is currently located in Berry, NSW.

Please contact Hollie on 0401442874 or Ben on 0400536956.  Email Holly: hollieweis1@gmail.com