“Gracie” – Active and Energetic, 2yo, Female ASTCD – South East Sydney, NSW

“Gracie” – Active and Energetic, 2yo, Female ASTCD – South East Sydney, NSW

Gorgeous Gracie is a purebred stumpy tail cattle dog (just with a tail), high energy, desexed female, 2yo.

Unfortunately, we just can’t give her the attention and exercise she needs. She is a beautiful, lovely dog but is highly intelligent, she’s becoming bored and agitated. She’s starting to try and dominate the older two dogs which has led to scuffles.

The decision to rehome her has been extremely difficult as we love her very much, however we have made this decision in her best interest.

After talking to trainers, the vet and specialists at council it’s become clear that she isn’t suited to this environment being with 2 other females. She is very trainable, always alert waiting for a command, she understands and follows commands quickly and accurately. Will happily sit for food and wait until being prompted to eat.

She will do very well in an environment where she has plenty of space, good training and exercise.

She is anxious around unfamiliar dogs which makes it hard to walk her in busy metropolitan areas or take to off-leash areas.

Gracie will be sociable with other dogs, but it very much depends on the other dog and environment.

Gracie has always been fabulous and gentle with children.

For more information on the stunning Gracie, please contact her owner Benn directly – 0414605898 or bennhart@hotmail.com.


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