**ON TRIAL** Rocky – Male Blue ACD – 4 years old.  Northern Rivers area NSW

**ON TRIAL** Rocky – Male Blue ACD – 4 years old. Northern Rivers area NSW

Rocky – 4yr old Blue Cattle Dog – Male

Looking for family or best mate for our lovely pure breed Blue Cattle Dog boy Rocky.
Raised as an outside dog (but willing to adapt) on a small acreage Rocky is good with
other dogs, (especially smaller ones) and his companion is a cat who he annoys by day
then snuggles with by night.

He is good with all people, has never bitten and is a lover not a fighter. He loves water,
car rides, beach and creek swims also will fetch a stick or ball longer than you’ll last
throwing it. Loves to head out in the paddock while the kids ride bikes. He needs some
work on his recall when off lead especially if he sees some cattle to muster or seagulls to

Loves kids but may be too much for a toddler as he can jump up and loves to lick. Being a
typical cattle dog, Rocky prefers to be with people and can be very vocal when not
included or in need of a ball toss he will always let you know with a bark.
Has been raised in a household where he is alone all day and he is bored and lonely and
at times wonders to visit neighbours to play with cows or horses which he tries to herd
and annoys the neighbouring farmer so he needs good fencing, not high but secure.
Despite good intentions Rocky didn’t get the dedicated training he needed when younger
but what he has learnt has been very quick and he is a very smart boy just very over
excited at times.

Our boy is in need of re homing due to a breakup forcing the sale of our property and we
just don’t think due to his vocals that he would fit into a residential setting if he is home
alone all day. We would love him to find a home on a property or with someone that has
time and lifestyle to give him the training & companionship he needs.

Rocky has no known health issues other than a preference for sensitive skin shampoos.
He is fully vaccinated, wormed, flea, tick & Heartworm treated. Has no special dietary
needs and is microchipped. Please call, text or email for more information and to arrange
to meet. Suzy 0429 492 477 suzytall@gmail.com