Rose.  ASTCD blue female. 1 YO. Michelago NSW ADOPTED

Rose. ASTCD blue female. 1 YO. Michelago NSW ADOPTED

Rose is approximately 12 months old.  She may have had a bit of a rough time previously but is settling in well here and coming out of her shell.  She is bright, very athletic, affectionate and sweet.  She will be totally devoted to her special person once she finds her ‘forever’ home. She is more comfortable with women than men at this stage. She is great with most other dogs, but particularly loves a rumble with my young blue bitch. Rose has met my cat and he tells me she isn’t a threat.  Rose can see and be aroud the horses but has not been allowed in with them.  Rose has had some working training but her former owner wasn’t happy with her cast apparently.  We think with the right
person who is kind and patient she could continue her training in this  regard.  Equally, she would excel in dog sports once she regains her confidence.  Rose will require excellent fencing or preferably a secure dog run as she may jump out to come looking for her person or family.  She has never left my property by her own volition however. Rose is currently being crate and house-trained and is progressing quickly.

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