**ADOPTED**Sasha – Young Female ACD – Queanbeyan Pound, NSW (near Canberra)

**ADOPTED**Sasha – Young Female ACD – Queanbeyan Pound, NSW (near Canberra)

Sasha was originally owned by an older lady, but she surrendered her to a vet clinic due to Sasha being too strong and high energy for her.

Sasha was then adopted by a local family, however, over time a lot of jealousy developed between the existing dog and Sasha, especially when the children were outside playing.  The existing dog started to attack Sasha, so she is in desperate need of a more suitable home. She has been surrendered to Queanbeyan Pound as there was a risk of injury if she stayed in the home with the other dog.

Sasha is 18 months old and desexed.  She is a typical energetic and intelligent Cattle Dog and would need an active home with people willing to commit additional time into socialisation, training and exercise.  She will need firm, but fair boundaries.  Sasha lived in a home with children and she was fine with both parents, however, she has shown some fear around strange men she doesn’t know.  She is quite protective of her people and her home.

For more information, or to organise to meet Sasha, please contact Queanbeyan Pound directly.

The animal management facility is located on Old Sydney Road, Queanbeyan (Cnr Ellerton Drive and Old Sydney Road).

Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 10am, or 4pm and 5pm

Saturdays between 1pm and 5pm

Call the facility: 02 6285 6269

Email the facility: animalinfo@qprc.nsw.gov.au