“Sully” (aka Sullivan) – Gorgeous, Pedigree, Mature Male ACD – Canberra ACT

“Sully” (aka Sullivan) – Gorgeous, Pedigree, Mature Male ACD – Canberra ACT

Sullivan (Sully)

I am a mature male Australian Cattle Dog with special needs looking for an owner with time to spend
with me.

Sully is looking for a new owner due to a change in my personal circumstances. I no longer have the
necessary time to spend with him. He would best suit a single owner or a couple who can provide
consistency in his world.

Sully is 9 years old and has a friendly/kind nature. He loves people including children, but the more
variables there are in the family the more challenging the consistency element.
Sully has anxiety and takes medication for this. His condition is assessed at annual check-ups with the vet
and he also has six-monthly phone or zoom appointments with a behavioural specialist vet based in
Melbourne (Dr Jacqui Ley).

Aside from medication his condition is managed with stability and consistency. As a single parent with a
three year old I am no longer able to give him the consistency in his environment that he requires nor
spend enough 1:1 time with him.

Sully needs to be the only pet in the household. He can be reactive towards other dogs (fear based
reactivity) and as such cannot attend dog parks etc.

Due to his anxiety he cannot be let off the lead in public – he does not respond to the recall command
with the level of distraction in the external environment.

In terms of exercise, Sully walks very well on the lead and will happily walk quite long distances but is
equally happy to just be in human company – he is content so long as he has some walks or ‘sniffing
time’ and some attention/time with his people.

Sully likes playing with toys and balls, and particularly being chased.

He is desexed, fully vaccinated, and had his annual check-up in April 2023. All reports from the specialist
behavioural vet can be shared with his new owner.

Sully is microchipped and this and his pedigree papers can be transferred to his new owner.
Sully has a gentle nature and in the right environment he is very easily managed and his personality can

Sully is crate-trained and has a dog crate, an indoor kennel with cushion (washable), and other toys or
equipment that can be taken to his new home.

He is currently based in Canberra.
Fee negotiable (as is transport if outside Canberra).
Contact: Megan via email: duffymx@gmail.com

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