**ADOPTION PENDING Ted (Eddie) – 4 YO Male Blue ACD/ASTD mix – Burnie Tasmania (then Canberra, ACT) URGENT**

**ADOPTION PENDING Ted (Eddie) – 4 YO Male Blue ACD/ASTD mix – Burnie Tasmania (then Canberra, ACT) URGENT**

***Ted , or Eddie as he is known, is in URGENT need of foster care or adoption.  He has a very limited time to find a placement as his family are relocating and cannot take him to their new location.  Ted will require an active owner who will commit to some additional, ongoing training.  Someone with previous Cattle Dog experience would be ideal for him***

Ted is a Blue Heeler Stumpy Tail born 30 April 2018.  He is desexed and microchipped, no. 900079000483827.  I purchased him from a farm near Orange NSW, Australia.  Last vaccinated on 26 April, 2022.

Ted is very loyal to me, has grown up with a red cattle dog, two boys (currently aged 12 and 13 years old) and a cat who he does not particularly like.  He is a very active dog that has been cooped up as a family pet.

He is obedient when he understands his boundaries and would make an excellent working dog.  He has so much energy to burn, loves to run (I was running him on a lead for about 2 months approximately 4 kilometers) and loves to spend time at the beach off lead with his ball.  The use of a ball takes all of Ted’s focus off what is happening around him.

Ted has always been the Alpha dog of the pack but gets on well with other dogs particularly when he meets them on neutral territory.  Once he is familiar with a particular dog (friend’s dogs) he loves to romp around.

Ted can be aggressive with wheels, such as skateboards, scooters or bikes and I would not completely trust him around young children.

He is currently overweight but would embrace the opportunity to be more active.

He responds extremely well to positive affirmations as he just loves to be praised.

I will be in Burnie Tasmania until the 30 October, then in Canberra on 1 November until the 10 November.  Once I am in Canberra I would be happy to drive him to his new home.

For more information, please contact his owner Hope on:

M: 0415 647 873