Leroy, 3yrs old, Blue Cattle Dog X, Male, Forster NSW

Leroy, 3yrs old, Blue Cattle Dog X, Male, Forster NSW

Hello! My name is Leroy and I am a male, cattle dog cross breed (possibly part kelpie) and I am 3 ½ human years old currently living in Forster, NSW.

I have been told I am a typical working breed and I LOVE being active (especially playing fetch). I am happiest when I receive plenty of daily mental and physical stimulation and in return I will give you my complete attention, playfulness and obedience and follow you wherever you go.

Unfortunately my current owner is moving and is unable to take me with him which I know is breaking both our hearts but he has promised to do everything he can to make sure I go to an even better place where I will be just as happy and stimulated (maybe on a farm if I’m lucky!).

I love going on adventures to the beach, park, lake and I love swimming. I’m not overly interested in other humans (unless they have a ball) and I’m fine with other dogs (unless they try and take my ball from me) and once I have met them, I quickly get bored and turn my attention back to my ball/toy/frisbee for the next game of fetch. After a long run, I like nothing better than to relax in the sun and dream of my next adventure (which can never come soon enough). Also, I would never say no to spending hours chomping away on a big knuckle bone from the butchers which keeps my teeth clean and healthy.

Because I like to stay active, I don’t really like to be left alone for too many hours at a time. If I have to be left alone then I prefer to be left with stimulating toys, games or activities which I can occupy my time with while I wait for my owners to return. When they do return, I excitedly greet them and then start wondering when our next game of fetch will begin.

My current owner has just qualified as a dog trainer and I helped him pass his course by learning many obedience tasks as well as some complex skills based around being an assistance dog. I can open a cupboard using a rope handle and retrieve items for you and I can also turn on a touch light on command. Food is always welcome as a reward or treat but a game of fetch/tug will win me over every time.

I have been raised as an outside dog but I’m sure I could adapt to the indoor life if this means being closer to my owners.

I have been desexed, microchipped and all vaccinations and worming etc are up to date.

P.S. Did I mention that I love a game of fetch?!!!


To enquire about Leroy, please call John on 0432 037351 or email: johnrsaunders@hotmail.com