ADOPTED!!! **PICKLE **- Stunning & Smart, 2yo Red ACD, Melbourne area

ADOPTED!!! **PICKLE **- Stunning & Smart, 2yo Red ACD, Melbourne area


Pickle is a 2 year old purebred red heeler currently located in Melbourne. He is extremely smart and attentive, with an athletic drive. Extremely fast and sharp, he also has an incredibly strong impulse control in trained scenarios. He is house trained, with solid basic obedience skills including a strong recall. Whilst he has no working or stock experience, the aforementioned traits suggest he would be impeccably suited in a high paced, intense working role. He would also fit extremely well in any agility type scenarios. 

 In classic heeler fashion, he is slightly reactive on leash and to guests. Has displayed some mild protective tendencies but has never been aggressive to any person or other dog. He generally loves people (especially those who are willing to play fetch with him) and enjoys being with other dogs including in a regular daycare and dog walking/adventure settings. 

He is fully vaccinated, microchipped and desexed. Ideally, he would go to a home where someone has the time and energy to put towards his physical and mental needs or to a farm where he can work his small red butt off. 

Contact Bella: or 0403 546 926 for more information about Pickle.