**ADOPTED** – “Rosey”, 4YO, red female ACD – PERTH WA

**ADOPTED** – “Rosey”, 4YO, red female ACD – PERTH WA



Miss foxy would be my nickname for this little girl.  Rosey is a 4-yr old pedigree Red Heeler who came all the way from Wagga Wagga to find new adventures and a new home with me, following the loss of her human owner.  She has come from a loving home, is quirky, fun loving, devoted to her human/s and a bundle of energy.  In typical ‘Heeler’ fashion she will follow you to the ends of the earth … including to the toilet, help you in the shower, nose with you in the garden and generally just hang with you throughout your day.  Rosey is alert and attentive to all your needs.

So … why is she on this website …. Well, unfortunately, after only an 8 weeks stay in my home, Rosey just will not accept her place in my doggie pack and wants to be Queen over my old bluey who is not prepared to give up her spot just yet!  And at 12 years old, my devotion to my old girl means with a heavy heart, I need to find Rosey another loving, secure place to call home where there are no other resident dogs.

Rosey loves the forest, the beach, a cafe for coffee and anywhere you go, she will be your companion by your side.  Although wary of strangers and other dogs, she shows no aggression in an outdoor environment with the right encouragement.  Rosey has been assessed by a qualified trainer and does have a major behavioural issue that will need addressing and her new pack leader will need to step up to help guide her through these.  Rosey is fearful of cars.  I have found crating her in my car has helped with this but when walking her on a lead, she is best kept away from busy roads as she just doesn’t deal well with traffic.

If you would like to hear more or meet and greet this amazingly beautiful little girl with a Basil Brush tail, please contact Mary Shivnan on (M) 0497 772 410 or maryshivnan@gmail.com.  Interstate adoptions would be considered if it is the right home and flight costs are covered by prospective owner.