Franklin Male 1 year old, Smithfield with a tail NSW

Franklin Male 1 year old, Smithfield with a tail NSW

Franklin is a very good, happy, playful dog with some puppy behaviours still which I am working on with him through positive training. He can sit, drop, stay, fetch, return and is non aggressive towards other dogs and people. He does however still have the usual protective instincts of most cattle dogs.

He is a territorial barker, also sometimes at birds and heavy winds. He has very intelligent instincts towards training. He loves water and the beach but we’re still working on swimming in waves. He can swim in still water to fetch his ball mainly. He is affectionate and loves you just being near him, especially outside. He can find it hard to sit still if you’re moving around as he wants to play a lot, well he is still quite the puppy! He happily sleeps in the laundry.


He is going through a chewing phase, however has improved greatly as he matures.  He is still slightly nipping at me to gain attention to play with him and we have been constantly training this out as it’s not allowed. He has been around children, however is highly playful and doesn’t understand the boundaries of playing with small children. Has never growled at a children or been aggressive towards one.

Franklin is in very good health however he does have a birth defect in which his left third eyelid did not form which can lead to conjunctivitis but this has only happened once since he was born & was treated through the vet.

Franklin is up-to-date with vaccinations, is microchipped & desexed & is located in Fennell Bay, NSW.

If you’d like to know more about this beautiful boy please contact Meagan on 0422 699144 or