Bear – Blue ACD Mix – 8 year old Male – Near Port Macquarie

Bear – Blue ACD Mix – 8 year old Male – Near Port Macquarie

Bear is a beautiful loving cattle dog. We’ve had Bear for 8 years, and enjoyed many years of camping trips, road and boat trips and hikes with this amazing boy by my side. He is truly a beautiful natured dog. He is desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated, registered, we have vet records and his registration papers. He absolutely loves tennis balls and will play for hours with my daughter throwing the ball. He is so loyal, never runs away and will always stay by your side. He loves his food and his ball. After a walk he just loves to sleep and relax – he is such a great companion.

He can do all sorts of tricks from balancing treats on his nose to shake a paw, spin, sit, lie down. He is a very smart dog. Recently he was spotted at a dog show by an agility trainer who thought he had a lot potential for agility. 

He loves swimming and even swan far out to sea when I was surfing once to be by my side – which meant he had to ride my board back to the beach! He loves to run beside the bike on a lead – which means every morning he runs for miles with me along the beach front.

He is happiest just to be by the side of someone that loves him and can walk him at least once a day. He doesn’t chew and is friendly to other dogs.

You are probably wondering why we would be looking to rehome Bear….Two years ago I had my daughter and although he loves to play in the park with her outside he does not like her to be in his space at home, this means he now has to be separated by a fence which in turn has meant he barks in protest of not being by my side, it breaks my heart to see him feeling left out. 

When we go on holiday overseas Bear stays with his dog sitter who has teenage children, he is good as gold, no barking, and he is happy which led me to believe that Bear be happier living with people with no children or older childen. It has been a heartbreaking decision to make and I just hope someone out there can give Bear a loving home, he will be devoted and love you 100% back. In the past if I’ve been unwell Bear has sat by the bed 24/7 until I was well again. He is just so loyal and loving. He deserves to be happy.

For more information please contact 0412 875 971.