“Hercules”: Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog x, Young Male – Adopted.

“Hercules”: Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog x, Young Male – Adopted.


UPDATE: Hercules is now in care with ACDR.  So far, he is proving to be an intelligent, biddable student who is very affectionate and gentle.  He will make someone a fantastic best mate.  More info coming soon…….

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No.279 male cattledog x approx. 2 years old – DUE 3 JANUARY (Needs foster care or adoption Urgently)

found as a stray in Tarago

In the outside yard – friendly and gentle allowed lead to be slipped on Handling – stood quietly and very close to handler with tail down. He was calm and sniffed handler Health – does have a dry coat but no other obvious problems Guide and place – resisted the sit but almost did it. Resisted the drop then allowed, rolled on back and wagged tail Stranger – stood calmly then came forward with a waggy tail and accepted a pat Dog to dog – friendly with a little female Chi, both happy to meet and greet each other. Stimulated when large entire male lab/goldy came close then lab/goldy avoided meeting. He did growl at the lab/goldy through wire. Food guarding -hard to push head away with ‘hand’ but did allow then went back to finish eating Correction on lead – responsive and focussed on handler Training -can sit for treats Responsive – quite responsive and motivated by treats Fence jumping – no signs of trying to get out of yards

Very friendly and gentle boy who likes to nuzzle into handler. He walks well on lead and although strong doesn’t seem to use his strength when walking. If he was distracted though he’d need someone able to manage him. He has a gentle mouth when taking treats and is responsive and very willing to learn. He’s calm too and didn’t jump up at all! He seemed to only know sit but it didn’t take him long to learn how to drop. We were impressed! He was also really focussed on handler through the test so would be easy to continue his training. Although very friendly with a female Chihuahua mix he was stimulated by a large entire male lab/golden retriever so probably best with female dogs at least until he’s desexed. A handsome, friendly and affectionate dog with a longer than usual stumpy tail.

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