Zuby, Cattle dog x Kelpie, Blue, FN, 3 years old, Sydney

Zuby, Cattle dog x Kelpie, Blue, FN, 3 years old, Sydney

Beautiful 3 yo female bluecattle/kelpie needing to be rehomed. Zuby is a happy, healthy dog. She has been much loved and cared for well. Very smart and learns things quickly. She is desexed, microchipped, registered with the council and up to date with all vaccinations.
Unfortunately Zuby has an anxiety disorder which can sometimes verge on aggression with other dogs over resources: her ball, food, toys etc. She requires 3 types of medication twice a day. This works well and for the most part, she is not anxious.

However, the reason I’m needing to rehome her is that she barks for attention and we live in an apartment and our neighbours have a young child who is disturbed by her this occasional barking.

She is very friendly and loves people, great with children, but has to be supervised with other dogs. She is not good at the dog park where she gets over-excited and obsessive over her ball. She doesn’t chew things, doesn’t try to run away, comes when called, doesn’t dig holes in the garden. Walks well on the lead. Can adapt to whatever the routine is: either chilling at home or going for long walks and excursions. Good in the car. Does not bark or misbehave when left alone at home. Can sit, shake, speak, lie down. We have also been doing Nosework classes for 2 1/2 years now and she is very good at it.
Zuby would suit an owner who does not have any other dogs, in a house, preferably with a garden. It would help if you are experienced with dogs or have had rescue dogs before and are not daunted by her anxiety and medication. I will only part with her to a good and well-prepared owner with a suitable household environment.

I also have a lot of toys and supplies which I can include in the sale. Bed, leads, harness, feeding bowls, bath, shampoo, brush, clippers, kongs, toys, balls, treats, food etc.

Zuby is located in Sydney – if you are interested in her, please text or call Shamin on 0404 146989 – price is negotiable & will be donated to Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Inc in order to help other cattle dogs in need.